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Whether it's family, children, senior are wedding portraits you will likely have to be a part of a photo shoot at some point. To get the best results there are a few things to keep in mind, A little preparation can make all the difference, I say wear what you like to see yourself in but keep in mind that you may want to stay away from striped clothing, floral patterns and busy, lavish designs. These can be distracting and we want you to be the focus of the portrait not the clothing. Clothing that does turn out well includes cloth with texture such as draping, weaves, and knits. For Black & White pastel colors and blue jeans work well. If you like the figh key photography white are off white can work. Although you may want to wear neutral colors. There is nothing wrong with being colorful if you think it fits your personality or the look you want to achieve. Be sure to bring several outfits for you and your photographer to choose from.

Children Portrait Sessions

Remember that babies and children can be fickle subjects, so the preparation can go a long way in getting the best pictures of your beautiful baby. First choose a time of day your baby or child will be in their best mood when your child will be lively,awake, and playful. Usually after a nap and they have had something to eat. It helps if your child has a good nights sleep and avoids sugar. Children are more easily distracted and harder to keep focused when they have had sugar in their system or are run-down and tired. It is a good idea to bring healthy snacks in case they do get hungry during the shoot.

Choose your child's cloths carefully, and have in mind certain shots that you'd like to get. Look through magazines and the Internet for baby pictures that you can let the photographer know what type of images you like. Solid colors work well. Clothes without logos,cartoon characters and bright stripes work well, they can be distracting and we want the focus to be on your child. For infants and toddlers, thing about the texture of the clothes you're picking out, Soft, Fuzzy sweater, corduroy, and terry cloth work well keep in mind the clothes should be simple nothing too stiff are complicated, It can be great to bring favorite books, toys, stuffed animals, etc with you so your child feels more at ease and can be photographed with those items that are important to them. Remember to also allow the photographer some artistic leeway in choosing images. It's also a good idea to decide of you would prefer home portrait or studio portraits, It is also a good idea to have your child wearing one of the outfits you would like them to be photographed in. Keep the wardrobe changes to a minimum, so as not to upset your baby, Three wardrobe changes are enough although you may want to bring more so you and the photographer can decide what will work best. There's no best age to photograph your child they change so fast in the first few years that any time you choose for your session will be wonderful. Photographing children within the first few weeks give you the ability to show their little feet and hands after about 5-6 months their back muscles are strong enough to hold himor her up a little bit more. Usually there's no need to cancel a session if your child has little bruises are scraps I can take care of a lot of that in photoshop. Parents are an important part of the photo session. They may need to be the nose wiper, funny noise maker, and wardrobe fixer. Sometimes Mom is the only one to get a child to smile but sometimes Mom may need to step away and let the photographer work there magic. Be prepared to be flexible and have fun. I have a 100% guarantee so if your child is not felling well are you don't love your images for any reason I'll re-shoot at no additional charge.

Family Portraits are some of the most treasured images you'll ever own, and if you wait too long it may never happen. You don't need to dress everybody alike, unless that's the look you want. Solid colors work best for adults. Try to avoid logos strips. Pastel colors and blue heans work well for Black & White. Give me a call and we can discuss high key photos and Black & White with hand tinting. Scott Gremillion (225)201-0304

A few more things to keep in mind. Get plenty of rest. If you need your hair cut, colored are changed in any way try and do it at least a week are two in advanced so you are comfortable and happy with the results. 72 hours before your photo session avoid red meat, alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods, Retin A and Alpha Hydroxy creams they can couse skin to peel and oily skin and lead to outbreaks. Drink lots of water, Don't worry about acne I can take care of that in photoshop.

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